Paid parking during holidays

Paid parking is in effect in The Hague during public holidays. How much do you pay and from when to when?

The rates and times for paid parking are stated on all the parking meters. You will also need to pay at night in the downtown area and in Scheveningen.

    Public holidays in 2022

    • New Year's Day (1 January)
    • Good Friday (15 April)
    • Easter Sunday and Monday (17 and 18 April)
    • King’s Day (27 April)
    • Liberation Day (5 May)
    • Ascension Day (26 May)
    • Whit Sunday and Monday/Pentecost (5 and 6 June)
    • Christmas (25 and 26 December)
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    Published: 1 January 2017Modified: 2 May 2022