Pay-by-phone parking in The Hague

Pay-by-phone parking is available in The Hague. Paying for parking with your mobile phone has a number of advantages. You no longer have to use the parking meter and predict how long you will need to park.

How does it work?

Once you have parked your car, you sign in either via internet or using your mobile phone. You need to sign off before driving away. You pay afterwards for the amount of time you parked. You can park in all paid parking spots in The Hague using pay-by-phone parking.

Register for pay-by-phone parking

You can use pay-by-phone parking by registering as a customer with 1 of the mobile parking service operators. You can find an overview of the operators on the website The service works for all of the parking spaces in The Hague where you need to pay.

This is how it works:

  1. Park your car.
  2. Sign in with the parking service operator via internet or using your mobile telephone. Enter the 4-digit code for the paid parking area on the sign above the parking meter. Some apps will show you the correct code based on your location.
  3. Are you leaving? Sign off before you drive away.
  4. You will pay afterwards for the actual amount of time you were parked.

Parking in streets without a parking meter

A number of streets do not have a parking meter. You can still pay for parking here with your mobile phone. Look at the 'Overview of the streets without a GSM code'.

Overview of streets without a GSM code (PDF, 420,9 kB)

Number plate registration

Parking wardens check if you have paid for parking using your vehicle's number plate. Make sure that your number plate is registered with your mobile parking service operator. Otherwise you risk getting a parking ticket.

Also see Paying for parking on the street

Published: 10 November 2016Modified: 2 February 2022