Occasional parking permit

Do you need a parking permit for part of the day, a week or a month? Then you can order an occasional parking permit. You can use this permit in any paid parking zone in The Hague.

No pass

You do not need a pass to park in a permit area. Parking wardens will scan the number plates of parked cars to see if the car has a valid permit (this is called ‘number plate parking’).

Long vehicle or camper

Is your car longer than 6 metres and higher than 2.4 metres, or do you drive a camper? Take a look at the information under parking a trailer, camper or caravan on the street.


You can request a parking permit for 3 different parts of the day:

morning from midnight to 13.00 hrs.
afternoon from 13.00 to 18.00 hrs.
evening from 18.00 to 2.00 hrs. the next day

In your application you can request a permit for 1 or more parts of the day in a day. You can also order an occasional parking permit for a week or for a month.

Apply for occasional parking permit

You can order as many occasional parking permits as you would like.


  • per part of the day: € 12.30
  • per week: € 75.90
  • per month: € 308.35

Rates for 2021.

    How long does it take?

    You can indicate when you would like the permit to take effect. It is possible for it to take effect as of the next day.