Conditions for the use of your parking permit

These conditions apply to the use of a parking permit.

    1. The parking permit is valid only for the designated permit zone and for the determined periods in the permit zone. It excludes the parking bans outlined in the General Municipal Ordinance (APV) for The Hague.
    2. Have your details changed in any way? Permit holders are obliged to immediately notify the Municipal Parking Division.
    3. The permit is valid only in the period for which it is paid.
    4. A permit does not give you the right to a parking space.
    5. The permit is non-transferable.
    6. Permits issued on the basis of a number plate are valid only for the vehicle with that number plate.
    7. The parking permit is activated the moment the number plate is registered. This can be done using the app or website or by phoning.
    8. Users of parking permits can assume that the parking session has been activated only once they get a confirmation. A parking ticket (naheffingsaanslag) handed out between the time you parked and the time you registered or the time you drove away and the time you deregistered using your mobile telephone or internet is at your own risk.
    9. Is the number plate registration system experiencing technical difficulties? Or are you unable to use the network? Then you must pay in another way. For example at a parking meter or using a mobile telephone.
    10. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to deregister the parking session.
    11. A parking permit will be blocked in these cases:

      1. If the municipality does not receive the payment for the application or extension on time or the payment is reversed.
      2. If you do not abide by the conditions of use.
    12. Parking in breach of these conditions will be viewed as parking without a permit.

      Published: 2 July 2018Modified: 11 November 2021