Parking garages

The Hague has different parking garages and car parks spread throughout the city. There are several garages for subscription holders and permit holders.

You can find an overview of all the parking garages on the map. Click on the parking garage of your choice for more information about times and rates.

Parking garages in The Hague

Parking garages for subscription holders and permit holders

The Hague has a number of parking garages which are intended for area residents with a subscription or a resident’s parking permit. There are 2 of these parking garages:

1. Fully automated parking garage on Noordwal Veenkade

A fully automated parking garage is located under the canal on the short sides of the Noordwal and Veenkade, close to the Paleistuin. This parking garage is only accessible to subscription holders in the area. The garage has 79 parking spaces for residential subscribers and 79 for business subscribers. There is currently a waiting list for the parking spaces for residents. The spaces for business subscribers are not all taken. For so long as the spots for businesses are not yet taken, they will be offered to residents for the time being.

2. Fully automated parking garage on the Apeldoornselaan

A fully automated parking garage can also be found under the Apeldoornselaan with space for 126 cars. This facility is also for subscription holders.

Park-and-ride facilities

Would you like to avoid traffic and save money on parking? Then you can park at 1 of the Park-and-ride facilities in or close to The Hague. From there you can take public transportation to your destination.

Published: 24 July 2015Modified: 20 July 2021