Parking fine

Did you neglect to pay for parking or did your time run out on the parking meter? Or did you park without a valid permit? Then you will be charged a parking fine. This parking fine is called a 'naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen' or 'naheffing' in Dutch.

Costs of a parking fine (2021)

The fine for not paying (enough) at a parking meter or for parking without a valid parking permit is € 65.30. On top of this amount comes the hourly rate applicable to the area in which you parked: € 0.10, € 2, € 2.45, € 3.90 or € 4.85.

The person or company in whose name the car is registered will receive a bill within 7 working days.

Is the municipality unable to see in whose name the car is registered? Then it will place a ticket on the vehicle. You will not receive a bill by post. Did you find a ticket on your car and would you like to know how much you need to pay? Contact the Municipality of The Hague.

Paying the parking fine

The Municipal Parking Division no longer sends an acceptgiro payment transfer slip with the bill for the parking fine. You will need to transfer the charges to:

IBAN number NL12 BNGH 0285 1336 75, payable to: Gem Den Haag - Belastingen.

Make sure to note the payment number (betalingskenmerk).

Paying the parking fine in MijnDenHaag

You can pay your parking fine right away online in MijnDenHaag.

Log in to MijnDenHaag using your DigiD. If you do not have DigiD, you can apply for it via the DigiD website.

Pay parking fine in MijnDenHaag

Pay parking fine

No DigiD? Apply for your DigiD

Paying for a permit

Would you like to pay for your permit? Transfer the amount to:

IBAN NL83 BNGH 0285 1609 15 payable to: Gemeente Den Haag DSB Parkeren.

Paying from abroad

Do not forget to note the BIC (SWIFT) code in your bank transfer when paying from abroad. The BIC (SWIFT) code is: BNGHNL2G (Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten).

You do not have a European bank account?

Transfer your payment to ING Bank in Brussels stating the Municipal Tax Department's IBAN and the payment reference number on the assessment. ING will then make sure that the sum will be credited to the account of the Municipal Tax Department.

Bank details of ING Bank in Brussels:

IBAN: BE 54301017956397

BIC (swiftcode): BBRUBEBB010

Include the following 3 details in the description of your transaction:

  • NL 12 BNGH 028 51 33 675
  • BIC (swiftcode) BNGH NL 2G
  • the payment reference number on the assessment you received.

Apply for a payment scheme

Are you unable to pay the parking fine within the stipulated time?Then you can apply for a payment scheme.

Not paying the parking fine

If you do not pay your parking fine, you risk getting a wheel clamp. This happens when the municipality is unable to trace the registration of your car. If you do not pay for the wheel clamp within 24 hours, the car will be towed away.

Appeal a parking fine

Do you disagree with the parking fine? You can lodge an objection.

Read how you can appeal your parking fine.