Separating waste: bread

Do you have leftover bread? Put it in the bread collection bin. The municipality turns old bread into biogas: green (renewable) energy. You can find bread containers at more and more spots in The Hague. Look where the bread containers are located.

Where are the bread collection bins located?

Below you will find the locations of the bread collection bins. Or look at this map.


  • Wijkpark Transvaal, at the Woelige Stal city farm
  • Anna Blamanplein (next to the school)
  • Teniersplantsoen, at the Schildershoeve city farm
  • Hannemanplantsoen
  • Ferdinand Bolstraat
  • Fakonahof


  • Ambachtsgaarde
  • Gaarde/Vrederustlaan
  • De Dreef
  • Maartensdijklaan
  • Laagveen
  • Steenwijklaan, by De Wissel primary school
  • Heeswijkplein
  • Aagje Dekenlaan/J. Luykenlaan

Haagse Hout

  • Onyxhorst, by Amberhorst


  • Stuwstraat, at the Molenweide city farm


  • Wijkpark Bokkefort (next to the neighbourhood centre)

How to use the bread container

  • Throw loose pieces of old bread in the bin. Without a bag or plastic wrapping. 
  • Throw only bread into the bread container. 

If any plastic or other food is thrown in the bin, the bread cannot be turned into green energy and everything will be treated as regular waste.

Prevent nuisance from rats and seagulls

Do not throw any bread on the street and do not feed the birds. Extra food often is left standing. This attracts rats and seagulls.


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