The Hague Municipal Council

The city of The Hague has a dual government. There is a separation of powers between the Municipal Council (legislature) and the Municipal Executive.


The Municipal Council currently comprises 45 members from 16 political parties. The members represent the population in the municipal administration and are responsible for laying down the main principles of policy.

Major plans in the fields of spatial development, the economy, welfare, infrastructure etcetera can be implemented only if voted for by a majority of the Council. The Council also decides how the municipality's resources are to be allocated. In addition, the Council supervises the Municipal Executive. Members of the Municipal Council are elected by the population of The Hague every 4 years.

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For a listing of current Council members and party leaders, visit the Dutch page Raadsleden en fractievertegenwoordigers.

Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 22 June 2018