Atrium City Hall: room for art

The Atrium is the central meeting place in The Hague City Hall, where cultural, educational, social and commercial activities are organised for residents and visitors. The Atrium City Hall foundation is responsible for organising these different activities in the Atrium.

Activities in Atrium City Hall

See the Facebook events page for Atrium City Hall.

Opening hours of Atrium The Hague

Monday: 7.00 to 20.30 hrs.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7.00 to 19.00 hrs.
Thursday: 7.00 to 21.30 hrs.
Saturday: 9.30 to 17.00 hrs.
Sunday and public holidays: closed

Event or exhibition in Atrium City Hall

The Atrium City Hall foundation has been organising various activities in the Atrium since The Hague City Hall was opened in 1995. It does this at its own initiative, but external parties can also organise an event or exhibition in the Atrium. Atrium City Hall aims to give visitors an impression of everything that’s going on in The Hague and beyond.

Atrium, space for many transformations

If an architect designs a busy public space in immaculate white, the idea has to be that the people who use the space give it colour. The Atrium in The Hague City Hall is a unique location which the municipal government and the architect Richard Meier together decided would become an active meeting place. Open, welcoming and dynamic.

This idea is still being honoured. From the first moment you encounter the many people who use the building on a daily basis or visit an exhibition or event, it becomes clear that the Atrium is a spot which effortlessly undergoes many colourful transformations and contributes towards the city's vitality. A concert on the 11 floors, a floating fashion show above the municipal counters or a large banquet dinner after office hours: the Atrium is open to diverse and challenging ideas.

Museum Night dance performance Zweep (photo: Joop van Nimwegen)
Museum Night dance performance Zweep (photo: Joop van Nimwegen)

Social media and brochure

For a good visual impression of the activities in the Atrium, please visit the Facebook page and Instagram page. The Atrium City Hall foundation has an online version of the brochure. If you would like to receive the corporate brochure, please send an email to with your name and address.

Ice Palace

The Atrium is the central hall in The Hague City Hall, which was designed by the American architect Richard Meier. Because of the building’s form and colour, many people in The Hague have taken to calling it the ‘Ice Palace’.

Meier’s rationalist designs are noted for their minimalist form, choice of materials and – an important element – prominent use of the colour white. For Meier white is the symbol of spatial clarity, purity and perfection. His white is never white since it is subject to constant change through the people in the building and the forces of nature. Natural light plays an important role in City Hall. Light streams in from all sides, but mainly through the glass roof of the Atrium, and is seemingly endlessly reflected by the monastic whiteness of the interior space.

The Atrium (4,500 square metres) is the heart of the building in terms of both design and use. Here you’ll find the municipal counters, such as the reception desk, civil affairs, social affairs and the Centrum city office.

      Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 18 July 2019