Dutch parliamentary elections 2021

The Dutch parliamentary elections will be held on Wednesday, 17 March 2021. Eligible voters can find voter information here.

  • Serve as a polling station member

    Sign up to work as a member of a polling station during the Dutch parliamentary elections on Wednesday, 17 March 2021.

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  • Voting from abroad

    Do you live outside of the Netherlands? And would you like to vote in the Dutch parliamentary elections from abroad? Read how you register as a Dutch voter abroad. And how you request a voter card or proxy vote.

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  • Authorise somebody to vote on your behalf

    Are you unable to vote in person on election day? Then you can authorise someone else to vote on your behalf through a proxy vote.

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  • Information for political parties

    How can political parties take part in the Dutch parliamentary elections? And are political parties allowed to use political advertising? You can find more information here.

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