Dutch parliamentary elections 2023

Snap general elections will be held on 22 November 2023. You will then be able to elect the members of the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives). These elections are usually held every 4 years. Early elections were called after the government resigned. The last general elections were in 2021.

  • Help out as election official

    As of 11 October 2023 you can sign up to become an election official during the Dutch parliamentary elections.

    • Have you previously worked as an election official? You will automatically receive an email to sign up again.
    • Would this be your first time helping out during the elections? Create a profile on stembureauledenindenhaag.nl. You will then receive an email to sign up.
  • Have somebody else vote for you

    Are you unable to vote yourself in the Dutch parliamentary elections on 22 November 2023? Then you can give somebody permission to vote on your behalf.

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  • Voting from abroad

    You do not live in the Netherlands? And you want to vote in the Dutch parliamentary elections from abroad? Read how to register as a Dutch voter abroad.

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