Request address investigation

Is somebody registered at your address who is not living there? Or is someone using your address as a mailing address and are you no longer able to reach this person? Then you can ask the municipality to conduct an address investigation. You can also revoke an address investigation.


You are the owner, tenant or housemate of the property.

When can you request an address investigation?

Is someone registered at your address but is not living there (anymore)? Then you can request an address investigation. The municipality will check whether someone is living at the address which is registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

Have you or has a previous resident given someone permission to use your address as a mailing address ('briefadres')? If you have not been able to reach that person for a long time or if you would like to revoke permission for the mailing address, you can also request an address investigation.

Belangrijke informatie:

How many people at my address?

You can see how many people are registered at your address in MijnDenHaag (log in using DigiD) under 'Personal records’.

Name unknown

If you do not know the name of the person who is wrongly registered at your address, you can still request an address investigation.

  • Online using the green button below: in Step 2 enter question marks in the text field containers by ‘Wat zijn de gegevens van de persoon naar wie u onderzoek wilt laten doen?’.
  • In MijnDenHaag: indicate who you think is living at the address.

How does it work?

An address investigation works like this:

  • The municipality will receive a notification (for example an address investigation application) in which it appears that somebody no longer lives or is no longer available at the address where this person is registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of The Hague.
  • The Municipality of The Hague will conduct an address investigation. An address investigation could include a home visit by a surveillant from the BRP and (summons) letters.


Using the online form

You can request an address investigation using the online form. You need the following documents to apply:

    Request an address investigation

    In MijnDenHaag

    You can also request an address investigation in English in MijnDenHaag. Log in using your DigiD.

    Request address investigation in MijnDenHaag

    Request address investigation

    No DigiD? Apply for your DigiD.

    Revoke request

    Have you requested an address investigation and would you like to revoke it? This can only be done online. Only the applicant for an address investigation can revoke it. This is what you need:

    • a valid form of identification
    • a written declaration by the applicant which states why he or she wants to revoke the address investigation.

    Make clear scans of these documents and send them as an attachment together with the form. Otherwise the municipality will not process your request.

    Revoke address investigation



    How long does it take?

    The municipality aims to complete an address investigation within 12 weeks. There are various factors which can play a role here. The way the address investigation proceeds depends on which information is available. Sometimes this means that the municipality needs more time.

    Good to know

    You can make a safe copy of your identity document with your mobile telephone or tablet using the KopieID app. Read more on the website of the Dutch government.