Rates for swimming pool activities

Check this page to see how much the various activities cost in The Hague's swimming pools.

Let op!
Are you visiting a swimming pool in The Hague for the first time? Then you need a swimming pass.

Tickets are available at the cash desk of the swimming pool. If you go swimming more often, you could consider buying a multiple entry ticket (for 12 or 25 times). This type of ticket is valid for an unlimited period and you can use it in all of The Hague's swimming pools. Do you have an Ooievaarspas? Then you will get a 50% discount.

Prices for 2022

  • As of 14 years Under 14 years and 65+
    Price per visit € 4.30 € 3.60
    multiple-entry ticket for 12 visits
    (you pay for 10 visits)
    € 43 € 36
    multiple-entry ticket for 25 visits
    (you pay for 20 visits)
    € 86 € 72
  • A water sports subscription allows you to freely choose the activity you want to join when you visit the swimming pool: water aerobics, aqua jogging, aquavaria lessons, pregnancy swimming or Teddy Bear swimming.

    Water sports Rate
    Price per visit € 6.70
    Water sports subscription for 12 times
    (you pay for 10 visits)
    € 67
    Water sports subscription for 25 times
    (you pay for 20 visits)
    € 134
  • You pay for a fixed period of lessons for Fifty fit. This is always the period between 2 school vacations. If the period lasts 8 weeks, then you pay 8 x € 3.35 = € 26.80. If there is space, you can try out a lesson for free. You can then join the class. You then only pay for the remaining lessons in this period.

    Prijs Aquavaria
    individual lesson or lesson period price
    individual lesson € 3.35
    period of 7 lessons € 23.45
    period of 8 lessons € 26.80
    period of 9 lessons € 30.15

Do you already have a swimming pass?

zwempas vanaf 14 jaar verplicht

If you are 14 years or older, you will get a free personal swimming pass the first time you visit a swimming pool. To get this you will need to show a valid ID at the cash desk of the swimming pool. This swimming pass is valid in all of The Hague's swimming pools. Take this swimming pass with you every time you go to a swimming pool.

Published: 21 January 2022Modified: 26 May 2023