Street sports: free sports activities for youth

The municipality aims to have children and young people in The Hague doing sports and exercising on a regular basis. This is why there are many public facilities in the city where they can play sports with a professional coach for free. This programme is called 'Street sports'.

Children playing football on a RFK Playground (photo: Richard Krajicek Foundation)

Explicit rules

Everybody is allowed to play sports and do activities together. A number of clear rules are in effect, also for street sport activities. Read about the rules.


You do not need to sign up for the street sport activities and you can take part for free. You will find a list of all the street sport locations in the link in 'Locations'. Look at Instagram and the website of Stichting Werkgever Sportclubs Den Haag to see the days and times the activities take place.


The street sport activities take place at 33 different sporting facilities throughout the city, such as Richard Krajicek Playgrounds and Cruyff Courts. An overview of all public sporting venues can be found on the page Streetsport: gratis sport voor Haagse jeugd.

Borrowing sporting equipment

In addition to the activities offered by the street sport leaders, children and young people can also borrow sporting equipment from these coaches. This way they can decide themselves when and which sports they want to do.

Professional coaches

Street sport activities are always supervised by professional street sport coaches from the Stichting Werkgever Sportclubs Den Haag. The municipality is also working together with neighbourhood organisations and community police officers. This is to ensure that the children can play sports in as safe an environment as possible.

More information

You can find more information on the website of Stichting Werkgever Sportclubs Den Haag. You can also follow Streetsport Den Haag on Instagram.

Published: 9 April 2020Modified: 8 March 2021