Ja/Ja sticker in The Hague

The municipality introduced a Ja/Ja sticker on 1 July 2020. You will only receive unaddressed advertising material if you indicate you want this by placing a Ja/Ja sticker on your letterbox.

Some forms of unaddressed advertising do not fall under the new measure. For example, free newspapers and letters from the municipality or from a network operator. Have you opted out of receiving advertising material with a Nee/Nee sticker or Nee/Ja sticker? These stickers will remain in force.

What does each sticker mean?

On your letterbox You get
Ja/Ja sticker advertising and free community newspapers
no sticker or the Nee/Ja sticker free community newspapers, no advertising
Nee/Nee sticker no advertising and no free community newspapers

Get stickers by post

You can request the Ja/Ja sticker for free at www.spotta.nl/ja-sticker-bestellen.

Would you like to receive a Nee/Ja sticker or Nee/Nee sticker in the mail? You can order these stickers for a small fee through the website www.neeneeneeja.nl.

What is unaddressed advertising?

  • Advertising material you receive without an address label.
  • Leaflets, circulars or letters with the text 'de bewoners van' (‘the occupants of’), without your address.

These leaflets and letters are all seen as unaddressed material. You will therefore only receive them if you have a Ja/Ja sticker on your letterbox.

Report unwanted junk mail

Have you received unwanted unaddressed advertising after 1 July 2020? You can report this to the municipality.

File a complaint

Have there been a lot of complaints about 1 company? The company will first get a warning. The municipality can hand out a fine of € 500 for each violation. This fine will apply to advertisers as well as distributors of unwanted advertising material.

Ja/Ja sticker to minimise paper waste

The goal of this new measure is to minimise the amount of paper wasted. Research has shown that an average household in the Netherlands receives approximately 34 kilograms of advertising each year. This is equivalent to about 30 leaflets per week. They often end up being tossed out unread.

Belangrijke informatie: You can also view many leaflets online. An overview can be found on the website of Milieu Centraal.

More information

Do you have a question about the Ja/Ja sticker? Send an email to jajasticker@denhaag.nl or contact the municipality.

Published: 9 June 2022Modified: 3 March 2023