Rent a municipal garden plot

You can rent a garden plot at one of the municipality's educational gardening complexes from 15 March to 15 November. There are no more plots available for 2022.

You can plant your own vegetables, fruit and flowers in a communal garden.

Gardening takes time

All of the plots are 15 square metres and require about 4 hours of work a week. This includes weeding, setting out netting, tying up plants, watering and harvesting. You are obliged to keep the garden tidy.

Register for 2023

There are no more garden plots available for 2022. You can register for a garden in 2023 from 1 to 31 December 2022.


If you would like to rent a municipal garden plot, the following conditions apply:

  • You are 18 years or older and a resident of The Hague.
  • You will be registered only when you have entered all of your information.
  • You are allowed to rent 1 garden per home address.
  • You follow the rules for garden plots (tuinreglement).
  • You keep the garden tidy. The municipality will check this regularly.

        Overview of gardens

        Garden Location
        Duivelandsestraat Duivelandsestraat across from number 113
        Erasmusweg Erasmusweg across from number 1903
        Guntersteinweg Guntersteinweg, end of the road
        Havenkade Havenkade 75
        Hildebrandplein Hildebrandplein 1
        Kamperfoeliestraat Kamperfoeliestraat across from number 169
        Kornoeljestraat Kornoeljestraat
        Kortenbos Kortenbospad
        Molenweide Stuwstraat
        Mozartlaan Mozartlaan
        Overbosch Vlaskamp behind number 1a
        Zuiderpark Anna Polakweg 7

        Municipal garden plots on the map

        The locations of the municipal gardens can be seen on the digital map.

        How to compost at home

        Would you like to collect and compost your own organic waste (GFT)? You can get information about different ways of composting at the educational garden on the Kornoeljestraat. You can also look at examples of composting there.

        If you have any questions about composting, send an email to

        Growing your own food

        Get inspired to plant your own vegetables on

          Published: 24 January 2022Modified: 24 January 2022