Prevent a rat infestation

A rat infestation is caused primarily by people tossing rubbish or food on streets or in gardens. Help prevent this problem.

The municipality is working together with housing corporations, involved residents and the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS) to combat a rat problem. You can also do a lot to prevent a rat infestation.

Prevent litter

  • Do not throw away any waste or food scraps on the street.
  • Do not place garbage bags or loose waste next to rubbish containers.
  • Place garbage bags at the curb the day your household waste is collected. Put your rubbish out preferably just before it will be collected. Seal the bags well.

    Do not feed birds

    Do not feed bread or leftover food to birds. Too much food can be bad for their health. Extra food is often left uneaten and this attracts rats.

    Let op!
    There is a feeding ban in Morgenstond, Moerwijk and Mariahoeve. Are you feeding the birds or other animals in 1 of these neighbourhoods? Then you can get a fine of € 95.

    Old bread

    Do you have leftover or stale bread? Do not throw it away outdoors but put it in a bread collection bin. There are more and more bread containers in the city. Look at where the bread containers are located.

    Report rat nuisance

    You can report rat nuisance to the municipality if you have seen 1 or more rats outdoors. This could be on the street, in a park or in the garden/courtyard of your housing corporation. You can report it to the municipality using the page Report rat nuisance. Or call the municipality on tel. 14070.

    Let op!
    Are you having problems with rats (or other pests or rodents) on your own property? Contact a pest controller. Never use sticky boards (glue traps). They can get other pets and animals in trouble.

    Pubic information campaign

    The municipality will continue its public information campaign on the consequences of bread and food scraps outdoors. There are different options:

    Published: 7 August 2019Modified: 28 October 2021