Car sharing: advantageous and good for the environment

Would you like to share a car or rent out your own car and would you like to know how to do this? Read all about the possibilities and advantages of car sharing in The Hague.

A car sharing scheme means you no longer have exclusive use of a car, but you share it with other people. You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. You rent a car from a commercial provider.
  2. You share your own car with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues.

Car sharing has numerous advantages. It can save you money and it is good for the environment.

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Advantages of car sharing

Many residents of The Hague are already sharing a car or are using a shared car. Some of the advantages include:

  • fewer cars on the street
  • a shared car can be cheaper than owning your own car if you do not drive often (less than 12,000 kilometres per year)
  • a better and safer living environment

Car sharing experiences of residents can be found on the website and

How can I share a car?

Car sharing can be done in various ways.

  • Set up a cooperative with your neighbours with assistance from Wij zijn Deel. Together you lease a number of cars. Look for more information on the website

  • Share your car with other private individuals: You rent out your car on the days that suit you via If you rent out your car at least 2 times a month, you can quickly earn a few hundred euros on a yearly basis.
  • Share your car with a specific group of people: You rent out your car to neighbourhood residents, friends or acquaintances in or outside the city. You can use the platform
    • You can rent a car from one of the commercial providers in The Hague: Greenwheels, SnappCar, MyWheels, Sixt and Amber.
    • You can also lease a car together with a number of neighbours and share this car. For example through

      You can read additional general information (in Dutch) about car sharing at

      Parking permit for car sharing

      Do you live in a parking permit area in The Hague? You can apply for a parking permit and in some cases reserve a parking space for a shared car. Do you and the person with whom you are sharing the car live in different parking permit areas? Than you can both apply for a resident's parking permit in both areas.

      More information:

      Special parking space for a shared car
      Special parking space for a shared car

        Car sharing locations

        Would you like to find all of the car sharing locations in your neighbourhood? Look at the map on

        Published: 18 July 2016Modified: 14 January 2021