Car sharing

On this page you can discover what car sharing is precisely, look at the possibilities for subsidies and register for the municipality's online information evening.

Car sharing

What is car sharing?

A car sharing scheme means you share a car with other people. You can do this in 3 ways:

  • You borrow a car from friends, family or neighbours.
  • You hire a car from a car sharing company: commercial car sharing.
  • You share (lease) cars with other people: cooperative car sharing.

In a cooperative car sharing scheme you and your neighbours set up a cooperative (association) in order to share electric cars. Car sharing is one of the most effective forms of smart mobility. It frees up space on the road, leads to fewer cars on the street and improves the living environment of city residents. This is why the municipality is supporting car sharing in the city and providing a subsidy for cooperative car sharing.

    • Cooperative car sharing

      • You have a reserved parking space.
      • You decide together which (electric) cars you lease.
      • Your actions result in fewer cars on the street.
      • You determine the rate together.
      • You can apply for a subsidy for a trial period of 6 months.

      Commercial car sharing

      • You have a reserved parking space (depending on the provider).
      • You choose a provider yourself.
      • Your actions result in fewer cars on the street.
      • You pay a commercial rate.

      Read the experiences of residents

      Would you like to hear what residents themselves think of (cooperative) car sharing? Come to the online information evening on car sharing. You can register for this here.

      • Share (electric) cars together with your neighbours in a neighbourhood cooperative. The non-profit organisation DEEL will help you set this up.
      • Share (electric) cars together with a group of neighbours via In certain neighbourhoods of The Hague there are already groups being set up by neighbours. Look to see which neighbourhoods these are on the website of OnzeAuto
      • Rent your car out to other private people on days you do not need it via SnappCar.
      • Rent out your car to a regular group of neighbourhood residents, friends or acquaintances in or outside the city via the Vereniging voor Gedeeld Autogebruik.
      • Use a commercial car sharing scheme from one of the providers in The Hague: Greenwheels, SnappCar, MyWheels, Sixt, Amber and WeDriveSolar.
      • Use a commercial car sharing scheme for business purposes via Greenwheels, MyWheels, Sixt, Amber and WeDriveSolar.


    Register for online information evening

    The municipality is holding online information evenings on car sharing. The dates and times can be found on the registration form. In 1 hour you will learn everything about:

    • how (cooperative) car sharing works
    • how the subsidy works
    • how the non-profit organisation DEEL can facilitate the trial period
    • why your neighbourhood ambassador likes car sharing
    • the experiences of people who are car sharing


    Apply for a subsidy

    Would you like to set up an electric car sharing cooperative (association) together with other residents in your neighbourhood? You can apply for a subsidy for a trial period of 6 months. Apply for a subsidy (in Dutch).

    Help starting up a car sharing cooperative

    Would you like to find and/or bring together a group of neighbours in your neighbourhood to apply for the subsidy? The municipality will help you in 5 steps:

    • Sign up to be a neighbourhood ambassador or advocate by sending an email to A neighbourhood advocate is involved in steps 1 to 4; a neighbourhood ambassador also stays involved in the follow-up process and setting up the cooperative.
    • Which car sharing information evening will you attend? And which promotional materials will you and the municipality be using and when? You will need a plan for this.
    • In order to get as many people as possible to sign up, the municipality will provide a flyer and a letter (written on your behalf) to residents in your neighbourhood. The municipality will also promote the initiative via social media, Hoplr and the neighbourhood newspaper. You can also post messages on your own social media channels.
    • The info evening lasts 1 hour and is informative and fun. There is a part for all residents of The Hague and there is a part only for your neighbours (where you will give a talk).
    • After the info avond you can see who would like to take part. The municipality will help you here. If the group is big enough, you can apply for the subsidy together. Are more participants needed? Then steps 2 to 5 will be repeated. Or the plan for your neighbourhood will be modified.


    Do you have a question about car sharing? Send an email to You can also use this email address to request the flyers: 'Online information evening on car sharing' and 'Finding a group of neighbours for cooperative car sharing'.

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    Published: 15 September 2021Modified: 15 August 2022