Outdoor markets in The Hague

The Hague has 8 outdoor markets. In addition to the well known Haagse Markt there are neighbourhood markets and 2 specialised markets. The markets all have different products and vendors. From antiques to organic products, you can find it in The Hague.

Find the markets on the map

Would you like to know which markets are in your neighbourhood? Look it up on the map of The Hague.

Haagse Markt

  • The Haagse Markt is one of the largest open-air markets in Europe with more than 500 permanent stalls. You will find a large selection of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, clothing, shoes, drugstore and household items, electronics, furniture, computer accessories and baby buggies.

    You will find the Haagse Markt on the Herman Costerstraat, where the entrances and exits are also located. There are also 2 main entrances on the Hoefkade and Hobbemaplein.

    Fruit stall at the Haagse Markt
    Fruit stall at the Haagse Markt

    Getting there

    • If you are cycling or coming by motor bike, you can park in the Biesieklette facilities.

    • If you are taking public transport: look for current information on htm.nl.
    • There is a spacious parking garage in De Heemstraat for cars and motorcycles.

    More information

    Look for more information on the website of the Haagse Markt.

Specialised markets

  • The Farmers market features 25 market vendors selling mainly organic, ecological and local produce. You can find the market in the downtown area, on the Lange Voorhout, across from the former U.S. Embassy.

    Stall at the Farmers market
  • The Antique and book market is held on the Lange Voorhout every Thursday and Sunday between April and September.

    Antique and book market on Sunday

    • starts: 30 April 2023

    • last market: 10 September 2023

    Antique and book market on Thursday

    • starts: 4 May 2023

    • last market: 14 September 2023

    Due to the renovation work at the Binnenhof and other work in the city centre the book market will be held as of September every Thursday on the Lange Voorhout.

    Antique and book market on the Lange Voorhout

Neighbourhood markets

  • You will find the neighbourhood market in the Leyweg shopping centre close to Zuiderpark. The market hosts about 50 vendors with a wide choice of fresh vegetables and fruit, clothing and flowers.

    Fresh fruit at the neighbourhood market on the Leyweg
  • The neighbourhood market on the Loosduinse Hoofdplein, in the middle of the Loosduinen shopping centre, has nearly 60 vendors. You can find everything under the sun here: from fresh fish to stroopwafels and from clothing to postcards.

    Stall at the Loosduinen market
  • This market is held in the portion of the Stevinstraat between the Badhuisweg and the Gentsestraat. It is a neighbourhood market with a large selection of products. Such as fresh cheese, olives, chicken, bread, clothing, drugstore items, vegetables, fruit and fresh fish.

    Stevinstraat neighbourhood market with fish stand
  • The Zeeheldenkwartier market on the Prins Hendrikplein is the smallest market in The Hague. Here you will find several market vendors who supplement the range on offer in the neighbourhood shops with their fresh produce. You can buy vegetables, Dutch and foreign cheeses and fish there.

    Market stalls on the Prins Hendrikplein
  • The neighbourhood market on the Vuursteen by the Ypenburg shopping centre has about 10 stalls. You can visit this market for your fresh produce. From cheese, nuts, vegetables and fruit to fresh flowers.

    Nut stall at the Ypenburg market

Published: 21 January 2021Modified: 2 February 2023