Parking your bike in residential areas

Residents can park their bikes in different ways in residential areas in The Hague. In a number of neighbourhoods the municipality has placed bicycle drums, residents can request bicycle stands and there are resident’s passes for public parking facilities and there are subsidy measures for private neighbourhood parking facilities.

Bicycle drums

The municipality has placed bicycle drums in a number of neighbourhoods in The Hague. A bicycle drum is a type of locker with space to store 4 bicycles. There are bicycle drums in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Vruchtenbuurt
  • Bezuidenhout-Oost
  • Oostbroek
  • Laakkwartier-West
  • Regentesse- en Valkenboskwartier
  • De Bras (complex on the Waterviolier)
  • Geuzenkwartier

Do you have no space to store your bicycle? No new bicycle drums will be placed, but you can apply for a spot in a bicycle drum via the website of Biesieklette. If a bicycle drum has no space at the moment, you will be placed on the waiting list.

    Bicycle stands

    A U-shaped bicycle stand (fietsbeugel or 'fietsnietje’) is a bicycle rack which residents can use to chain up their bike. Residents of an apartment complex without a basement storage unit or garage can ask the municipality for this type of bicycle rack. To apply for a bicycle stand and more information, go to Request a bicycle stand.

    Neighbourhood parking facilities

    In a neighbourhood parking facility residents pay a monthly fee to safely store their bicycle. Look at for more information.

    Neighbourhood parking facility in Hondiusstraat
    Neighbourhood parking facility in Hondiusstraat

    Resident’s pass for longer periods

    Residents of The Hague can buy a resident’s pass for a fixed monthly subscription for the Biesieklette facilities in the Kranestraat, Raamstraat, Grote Markt and Nobelstraat. The pass allows you to park and pick up your bike during the facility’s hours of operation and to store it at night. The bicycle parking facilities at Driehoekjes and the Kranestraat are also neighbourhood facilities.

    More information about the facilities can be found at

    Published: 18 January 2019Modified: 31 January 2020