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Report lost or injured animals

Have you found a lost or injured animal? Depending on what kind of animal it is, you can contact one of the animal welfare organisations charged with the responsibility of rescuing and caring for lost animals.

Animal shelter

The municipality is legally responsible for rescuing dumped and lost pets which have an owner but have gone astray. The municipality takes care of the animals for 14 days. If the rightful owner hasn’t come to claim his pet after 14 days, the municipality then transfers the animal’s ownership to the animal shelter.

The municipality has given the responsibility of rescuing and caring for lost animals to various animal welfare organisations.

Found an animal?

If you found:

  • dogs and cats
  • rodents, rabbits and birds (wild or captive birds)

If you find

  • sick and injured dogs and cats
  • injured birds
  • other house pets such as ferrets
  • dead animals

The Animal Rescue Service helps animals in distress - whether they are trapped, wounded, sick, deserted or neglected. Transportation is provided day and night - 24 hours a day, 365 days per year - not just in emergencies, but also if an animal has to be transported to the vet or has died.

Dead animals in the water

If you find a dead animal in the water, contact the Municipality of The Hague or report this online using the form Melding Openbare Ruimte. Click on 'dood dier'. Do not touch dead animals and avoid coming into contact with the water. Keep your house pets away from water contaminated with botulism.

Report a dead animal

Animals affected by botulism

If you see a sick bird with a stretched neck or droopy wings in or by the water, this bird could be infected with botulism. Call The Hague Animal Rescue Service ( They will collect the bird and bring it to be treated at Vogelasiel de Wulp. In this way infected aquatic birds have a chance of surviving.

Preventing stray cats 

The municipality has contracted the Animal Protection Agency to eliminate stray cats from the city. This agency carries out the following tasks:

  • examines reports of nuisance by stray cats
  • provides shelter to stray cats
  • for stray cats which are adopted from the shelter: registration (microchip) and castration or sterilisation

      Lost an animal?

      Floppy-eared rabbit

      Have you lost your pet? Look at the following websites:

      Other animal shelters

      • Het Knagertje rabbit and rodent shelter

        Telephone: (070) 440 0940


        Common rodents include mice, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, chipmunks and guinea pigs.

      • Hedgehog Society (Egelopvang Den Haag)

        Telephone: (070) 325 40 45


        Providing care to sick or wounded hedgehogs.

      • Vogelasiel De Wulp bird rescue

        Telephone: (070) 323 15 68 


        Providing care to sick, wounded or young bird as well as 24-hour emergency shelter for hedgehogs, squirrels and bats.