Request a public charging station

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The municipality will investigate the possibilities for expanding the current public network of charging stations if you meet the following conditions:
  1. You have a registration document or a lease contract for an electric car or you do not yet have a registration document or a lease contract, but you will soon be getting one of these documents. You can prove this with a purchase agreement or a statement by the lease company.

    An electric car is a road vehicle which is registered as a car with the RDW and is powered either entirely or partly by an electric motor. 

  2. You are registered as a resident of The Hague or you represent a business or organisation based in The Hague.

  3. There is no room to place and charge the electric vehicle on your own premises (including in the parking garages  and underground car park belonging to the residential complex).
I am aware that the use of a public charging station gives me no right to a parking permit
Do you meet the above conditions?
It takes an average of 6 months before the municipality places an extra charging station
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After you submit your request, you will receive an email with information about the steps the municipality will take in response to your request.

We are also happy to inform you about developments in The Hague’s network of charging networks. Examples include price or policy changes, (big) technical malfunctions, pilots, or other important information for drivers of electric cars.

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