Request notarisation of signature

Sometimes a signature needs to be notarised. The municipality will then verify whether the signature on a document is truly your own.

When is a notarised signature needed?

You need a notarised signature when:

  • you are the guarantor for a foreign visitor who needs a short-stay visa for the Netherlands. The proof of sponsorship (letter of invitation) is issued by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • you would like send an important document to a foreign country.
  • you would like to arrange an inheritance abroad.
Belangrijke informatie: If you are married or in a registered partnership, permission needs to be granted for a proof of sponsorship by both you as the sponsor as well as your spouse/registered partner. Both of you must come to the appointment in person to sign your names in the presence of a municipal official. You will then pay to notarise 2 signatures per proof of sponsorship.

    Validity of a notarised signature

    • If you request a notarised signature because you are the guarantor for a foreign visitor who needs a short-stay visa for the Netherlands: the notarised signature is valid for 3 months.
    • If you request a notarised signature because you want to arrange an inheritance abroad or send an important document to a foreign country: the validity of the notarised signature depends on the authority requesting the signature or the country you are sending the document to. You can inquire about this at the authority requesting the notarised signature.

    Required for a notarised signature

    A valid form of identification. Take this with you to the appointment.

    You can have your signature notarised at every municipality in the Netherlands. You do not necessarily have to do this in the municipality where you live.

    Make an appointment

    • To have your signature notarised, you must visit the counter of City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office in person. Make an appointment to do this.
    • The official who will verify your signature needs to watch you sign your name.
    • When a signature is notarised, the mayor declares the authenticity of your signature on a specific document.

    Make an appointment


    Notarisation costs € 16.45 (rate in 2023) per signature.

    You can pay in cash or use a bank card at City Hall Spui. You can only use a bank card at the Leyweg City Office. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with a credit card.

    How long does it take?

    Your signature will be notarised when you visit the counter at City Hall Spui and the Leyweg City Office.

    Good to know

    Are you expecting visitors from abroad? Any foreign visitors who need a short stay visa for the Netherlands usually need a proof of sponsorship as well. If you are a resident of The Hague you can notarise your signature for the proof of sponsorship at the municipality. Visit the website of the IND for the application and instructions.