If you are a resident of the Netherlands and The Hague, you may be entitled to benefits. There are several types available for housing, healthcare and childcare. You can apply by using your DigiD.

If you live and work in The Hague and the Netherlands, you may be qualified for benefits. This depends on your financial situation, whether you have children or live in rented accommodation.

Types of benefits

There are 5 major types of national benefits:

Rent benefit: a contribution towards your rent expenses.

Child benefit: meant to contribute to your expenses for raising your child.

Supplementary child benefit: meant for low-income families to buy goods that your children need. For example: clothes or a bicycle.

Healthcare benefit: an allowance for low-income households for healthcare insurance expenses.

Childcare benefit: a contribution towards your childcare expenses.

Stork Programme (Ooievaarsregelingen)

Besides the aforementioned national benefits, the Municipality of The Hague offers supplementary welfare benefits. See Ooievaars measures for low-income households.

Published: 28 September 2017Modified: 30 November 2018