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Swimming pools

04 April 2013
09 May 2014

The Hague has several swimming pools which offer recreational swimming times as well as different types of lessons (for kids, parents and babies, and even adult swim lessons).

Swimmers doing laps

Click below for general information about each pool.

  • Het Hofbad swimming pool in Leidschenveen-Ypenburg has a state-of-the art, multifunctional Olympic-sized swimming pool, instruction pool, recreational pool and children’s pool.
  • De Blinkerd swimming pool is located in Scheveningen and has a lap pool, a shallow pool and a restaurant. It also has a Sport-O-theek and a sport hall.
  • De Houtzagerij swimming pool in the Schilderswijk has three pools, two with jet streams. Preschoolers can splash around in the wading pool with the mushroom fountain. The pool also has a restaurant and sport hall.
  • De Waterthor swimming pool in the Vruchtenbuurt has three pools of different sizes and depths, including an Olympic sized pool and a wading pool. 
  • Overbosch swimming pool is located in Bezuidenhout and has five pools, including an Olympic-sized pool, a children’s pool and a leisure pool featuring a wild water creek, fountains and a moveable swimming pool floor.
  • Zuiderpark swimming pool in Zuiderpark is a super cool recreational pool with a long water slide, wild water, solarium and a Turkish steam bath.
  • Escamphof is a therapeutic swimming pool equipped for swimmers with disabilities, with extra warm water and swimming lessons to people with special needs. You can use the pool after an operation or injury.

The majority of the municipal swimming pools offer certain activities at specific times. In order to help you decipher the timetables, we’ve translated a number of the Dutch terms into English.

Swimming rules and safety

As a parent you can read up on several tips for swimming pool safety.

Since 2010, all visitors aged 14 years and older are obliged to carry a valid ID at the swimming pools in The Hague region. The measure was introduced to more effectively enforce restrictions on certain people who have been banned from using the swimming pools. These people include those suspected of causing damage, individuals who have misbehaved and paedophiles. Click here for information on the swimming pool house rules.

Swimming lessons

It can at first appear quite challenging to find the right swimming lessons for your child as the more affordable courses have long waiting lists.

Other pools in the area

If you'd like to check out some pools outside of the city, here is a list of swimming facilities in the vicinity of The Hague.

The Tikibad can be found in the Duinrell Amusement Park and is more than a tropical swimming pool. The Tikibad is the largest covered water slide paradise in Europe with ten unique slides.

Outdoor pools

Although The Hague no longer has an outdoor swimming pool, you can swim in the ponds in the Madestein recreational park and the Blauwe Loper in Ypenburg. A number of outdoor swimming pools are located close to The Hague.

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