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The Hague City Hall (address)

19 juni 2014
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28 juli 2014

You can stop by The Hague City Hall for contact with the municipality or just to grab a cup of coffee and people watch. The white building (nicknamed the ‘Ice Palace’) by American architect Richard Meier has the largest atrium in the Netherlands.

The city district office Centrum can be found in The Hague City Hall. You can contact this office for all your personal and municipal affairs, such as applying for a passport or driving licence. You can also visit the other 7 city district offices in The Hague for these kinds of affairs.

Address & contact

Spui 70
2511 BT The Hague
Telephone: 14 070 (the special 5-digit telephone number for the municipality)

Postal address

Postbus 12 600
2500 DJ The Hague

Opening hours for the reception desk

The reception desk in City Hall is open:

  • Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 16.30 hrs.
  • Thursday from 7.30 to 20.00 hrs. (evening hours)


City Hall is accessible to people in a wheelchair.

The Hague Information Centre

Do you have questions about the Municipality of The Hague's services and products? Would you like to look at zoning plans or official municipal announcements? Or would you like to look at objections, government documents or council and committee papers? You can visit The Hague Information Centre in the Atrium of City Hall. The Hague Information Centre is open:

  • Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00 hrs.
  • Thursday between 16.00 and 20.00 hrs.: you can only come by to view documents which are available for public inspection. This can be done by appointment only. You can make your appointment at the latest 1 day in advance.

The Hague Impressions, THIC and Europe Direct Centre

Also located in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall is a half-round cinema featuring a continuously running multimedia experience about The Hague’s past and future called 'The Hague Impressions'. The Hague International Centre (THIC) is the first point of contact for (new) residents of The Hague. It was created especially for the expatriate who is working and living in The Hague. The Europe Direct Centre (EDC) The Hague with its Europe wall is an information point for all your questions about Europe and the European Union.

Opening hours of Atrium

Exhibitions are regularly held in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall. The exhibitions can be visited daily apart from on Sunday and holidays. The Atrium is open:

  • Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 19.00 hrs.
  • Thursday from 7.00 to 21.30 hrs.
  • Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00 hrs.

For information on organising events and activities in the Atrium, please read Organising an event in Atrium The Hague.

‘The Hague City Hall’ brochure

The brochure entitled ‘The Hague City Hall’ provides a colourful description of this 11-storey minimalist building, which serves as the city’s architectural icon. In the booklet you will find lots of fun facts about the council chamber, wedding chambers, artworks, architect, footbridges and special spots like the Urban Window cafe, International Centre and the cinema.

The 12-page brochure is available in English and Dutch. You can either download it below as a PDF or pick one up at the Tourist Information Office (VVV).

19 juni 2014
Laatste wijziging: 
28 juli 2014