Report unsafe situation for cyclists

Cycle paths with bumps or dangerous intersections? Report these situations to the municipality. You can also see what the municipality has been working on.

Unfriendly and unsafe situations for cyclists are still a reality for cyclists in the city. Sometimes this kind of situation can be solved relatively quickly, simply and cheaply. Other types of situations require more time, money and effort to make improvements.

Before and after

The new and improved cycle paths are clear examples of what the municipality is working on.

Examples of quick and simple solutions:

  • new white paint coating for better visibility
  • clear borders along the cycle path, painted turning lanes and crossings
  • traffic signs, extra designations or markings
  • removing plants around the cycle path
  • physical divisions between the road and bike lane
  • speed bumps and other traffic-slowing measures for safer crossing situations
  • bike lanes in red asphalt or a red coating

    You can report an unsafe situation

    You can contact the Municipality of The Hague.


    markering van het fietspad met rood asfalt

    Example of a simple solution: the cyclist going straight has priority. The motorist turning right now clearly sees the cycle path. It has been made in red asphalt, with a white dotted line along the borders. (Juliana van Stolberglaan/Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië by the 2e De Carpentierstraat).

    Before and after

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