Procedure after applying for an all-in-one building permit

Have you submitted an application for the all-in-one building permit, for example, for cutting down a tree, construction work, changing a building designated as a monument or placing advertising? After every application for an all-in-one building permit the municipality follows a standard step-by-step procedure before taking a decision.

A private individual, company or the municipality can apply for an all-in-one building permit. A permit application is important for the applicant and can also have consequences for the neighbours and other parties. Both applicants and potential stakeholders are informed on what happens to the application for an all-in-one building permit in the step-by-step procedure described below.

Step 1 Application is submitted

Did you apply for the permit yourself? You can check the status of your application in MijnDenHaag:

The municipality will announce the application on (in Dutch only).

Stakeholders (neighbours and other people who have an interest in the application) can see the application on and view it at the The Hague Information Centre at Spui 70. This publication is purely for information purposes.

You can also receive the municipality's announcements of permits by email by registering for the e-mailservice bekendmakingen (

Step 2 Screening for completeness

The municipality will check whether the application is complete. If it is not complete, the applicant will receive a letter with a request to provide the missing information within a specified time.

Should the applicant not respond within the specified time, the procedure will be stopped. The applicant must then submit a new all-in-one building permit application. The applicant will receive the decision on this application.

Stakeholders may view the decision on

Step 3 Review of application

The application will be checked against the regulations. These vary depending on the permit. If the application does not meet all regulations, the applicant will be informed. The municipality will consult with the applicant to see if the application can be adapted to meet the regulations.

Step 4 Draft decision

Some applications, such as for an environment permit and a national monument permit, will be subject to a draft decision. This draft decision will be published on The applicant has the opportunity to submit a standpoint on the draft decision.

Stakeholders have a 6-week time period in which to submit their standpoint. Instructions on how to do this are provided in the public announcement (gemeentebericht).

If Step 4 is not applicable, the municipality will take a decision right away. See Step 5.

Step 5 Final decision

The municipality will grant or decline the requested permit and this decision can also be found on the website You can also look at it in the The Hague Information Centre.

Are you the applicant and do you disagree with the decision? Then you can contest or appeal the decision (in Dutch only).

Depending on the procedure, stakeholders can lodge an objection to the mayor and aldermen or file an appeal at the court (providing that Step 4 is part of the procedure).

Video about monitoring the building work

Do you want to know what you need to do once a permit has been granted? Watch the video (in Dutch).

Watch the video about monitoring the building work

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