BRP extract from the Dutch population register

The Dutch population register (basisregistratie personen) contains all the records of the population of the Netherlands.

You can request an extract from the municipality's Personal Records Database (BRP). It provides proof that you are recorded in the municipality’s population register. The document contains your personal details as they are known to the municipality, such as your address.

Official agencies can sometimes ask you for an extract. For example, when you enrol in an educational programme.

Which extracts can I request?

You may request a standard extract and extracts containing supplementary information. Extracts with supplementary information also contain the information found in a standard extract.

Standard extract

Extracts with supplementary information

Are you requesting an extract from the municipality to apply for compensation from the Dutch Railways (NS) for the victims and next of kin of the NS transportations during the Second World War? Look at Compensation from the NS.

Proof of deregistration in the Netherlands

Have you been deregistered in the Netherlands? You can ask for proof of this:

Extract non-resident of the Netherlands (RNI) (deregistered after September 1994)

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