The Hague - Recycle domestic chemical waste (KCA)

Recycle domestic chemical waste (KCA)

Domestic chemical waste (klein chemisch afval) are all the products which you use at home and are hazardous to the environment. It is dangerous to throw these products away with the regular household waste or to pour them down the drain, sink or toilet. For that reason you should separate it from your household waste.

It is clear that paint, pesticides and batteries are chemical waste. But did you know that low-energy light bulbs and (old) medicines are also chemical waste?

How do you recognise domestic chemical waste?

The package has a special symbol: a waste container with a cross through it. Empty packaging is not chemical waste. An empty tin of paint can simply be thrown out with the regular household rubbish. Read more about the different types of domestic chemical waste.

How do you handle domestic chemical waste?

  • Prevention is better than cure. So use as few products as possible which create chemical waste. There are often good replacement products available.
  • Make minimum use of products which create chemical waste. Do not buy more than you need and keep leftovers for later.
  • Keep chemical waste in the original packaging or write what it is on the package. Seal the package well and keep the waste in a safe place.
  • Never put chemical waste out on the street with the household waste.

Where and when can you dispose of it?

Products which are considered domestic chemical waste can be brought to 1 of the garbage and recycling stations. Usually you can also return the chemical waste to the shop where you purchased the product.


The elektrobak is a special container where you can dispose of electric appliances and paper or glass. Batteries can be thrown away only in the elektrobakken where glass is also collected. The elektrobakken where you can throw away batteries are located at:

  • Harstenhoekplein
  • Jaap Hoekdreef
  • Forellendaal
  • Lorentzplein
  • Theresiastraat / De Carpentierstraat
  • Ambachtsgaarde / Beresteinlaan
  • Heeswijkplein
  • Vlierboomstraat / Pomonaplein
  • Prins Hendrikplein
  • Huygensstraat - Stationsweg

Take a look at an overview of all the elektrobakken on the map of The Hague.

Please note: low-energy light bulbs and LED lamps should not be thrown in the elektrobak. You can bring low-energy and LED lamps to 1 of the garbage and recycling stations and to many shops which sell these lamps.

The containers are part of a trial. There are currently no plans to place more elektrobakken in the city.

Why separate domestic chemical waste?

If chemical waste is collected and processed in the right way, it does not pose a threat to people, animals and plants. Separating waste is better for the environment, but is also safer for the garbage collectors. They can jab themselves on used injection needles or sustain serious injuries if a bottle with a dangerous liquid should burst

When in doubt

Are you unsure if something is domestic chemical waste? Then turn it in separately. It is better to err on the side of caution.

Published: 23 January 2017Modified: 7 December 2018