Separating waste

  • Organic waste (GFT)

    Organic waste (GFT in Dutch), or biodegradable waste like food and garden waste, belongs in the GFT container or bucket.

  • Glass

    Glass belongs in the glass container. Well separated glass can be recycled into bottles, jars and other glass packaging materials.

  • Paper

    Old paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. A number of households can make use of a blue (paper) bin. You can also bring your old paper and carton to 1 of the city's paper containers.

  • Plastic, tin and drink packs

    In addition to plastic, the municipality of The Hague also collects tin cans and drink cartons. By separating this rubbish, you are contributing towards a sustainable world.

  • Clothing and shoes

    Your old clothes, curtains and shoes deserve a second lease on life. Dispose of your old textiles in separate bins.

  • Domestic chemical waste

    Domestic chemical waste (Klein Chemisch Afval) is all the products that you use at home which are hazardous to the environment.

  • Electric appliances

    Do you have broken electric or electronic appliances? You can turn them in free of charge at a garbage and recycling station or electronics shops.

  • Bread collection bins

    Do you have leftover or stale bread? Put it in the bread collection bins!

  • Recycling frying oil

    You can dispose of used deep frying oil at 1 of The Hague's city farms. There you will find a special yellow 'grease container' where you can deposit the package with used oil.