The Hague - Separating waste

Separating waste

  • Plastic, tin and drink packs

    In addition to plastic, the municipality of The Hague also collects tin cans and drink cartons. By separating this rubbish, you are contributing towards a sustainable world.

  • Paper

    Old paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. You can also bring your old paper and carton to 1 of the city's paper containers.

  • Organic waste (GFT)

    Coffee grounds, apple peels, spent tulips: a large part of our waste is organic waste, like food and garden waste (GFT in Dutch). Read in which neighbourhoods the municipality is collecting organic waste.

  • Glass belongs in the glass bin

    Recycling glass cuts down on rubbish, reduces the use of raw materials and saves energy.

  • Domestic chemical waste

    Did you know that low-energy light bulbs and medicines are domestic chemical waste? See what chemical waste is and what you should do with it.

  • Electronic appliances

    Do not throw away your broken electric or electronic appliances just like that. Turn them in for free at a garbage and recycling station or electronics shops.

  • Clothing and shoes

    Used textiles, such as (worn out) clothing, old tablecloths and shoes, should be disposed of in the textile bins.

  • Recycle frying oil

    You can dispose of used deep frying oil at 1 of The Hague's city farms.

  • Bread collection bins

    Do you have leftover or stale bread? Put it in the bread collection bins!