Disposing of oversized waste and garden waste

You can take oversized waste to a garbage and recycling station using your Afvalpas. Read what qualifies as oversized waste.

Oversized household waste often consists of good used items (like televisions, clothing or furniture). It is a shame to throw these things away. You can bring these items to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel). They are listed on the website allekringloopwinkels.nl.

You can also arrange to have your oversized waste or garden waste collected from your home.

What is oversized waste?

Oversized waste is:

  • Household waste which does not fit in a garbage bag, mini container or underground rubbish container, or is too heavy. For example, sofas, cupboards, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.
  • Large garden waste, such as trimmings and branches, which do not fit in the organic waste (GFT) container.


  • Always take your Afvalpas with you when you visit a garbage and recycling station. Otherwise you will not be able to enter. Read more about arranging an Afvalpas.
  • Garden waste only be taken to the garbage and recycling station in the Binckhorst (Plutostraat 1). Please remember that tree trunks and branches may have a diameter of maximum 20 centimetres.
  • Do you have a company? For companies there are other rules for rubbish collection than for household waste. Companies may not use the garbage and recycling stations. Contract an authorised waste management company to collect your company waste.

        Garbage and recycling stations

        The Municipality of The Hague has 3 garbage and recycling stations (view them on the map of The Hague):

        • Plutostraat 1, 2516 AL (Binckhorst, in Laak district)
        • De Werf 11P, 2544 EH (Zichtenburg, in Loosduinen district)
        • Uitenhagestraat 4, 2571 VV (by the Loosduinsekade, in Centrum district)

        All of the garbage and recycling stations are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs.

        Which waste can be brought where?

        Waar welk grofvuil inleveren
        At all stations Only at Plutostraat station
        paper large garden waste
        hard plastic and other plastic garden timber edging
        domestic chemical waste (KCA) (maximum 25 kg per time) asbestos
        wood earth, soil and sand
        iron and other metals horse manure
        (oversized) household waste wired glass
        car tires (maximum of 4) gas canisters, fire extinguishers and other pressurised containers
        rubble tar
        electric and electronic appliances roofing
        (frying) oil and oil in sealed packaging tree trunks
        glass; glass plates/mirrors plaster
        batteries turf/sod
        window/door frames
        small amounts of organic waste (GFT)
        Please note: not at the Uitenhagestraat


        You can dispose of most kinds of rubbish at a garbage and recycling station for free. You will need to pay for construction and demolition waste.

        Separating waste

        You can also separate waste and dispose of it at the garbage and recycling stations. You will find containers for plastic packaging, tin and drink cartons, glass, paper and textiles at the entrance of each garbage and recycling station.

        You can click on the maps below to see where the containers can be found in your neighbourhood:

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