The Hague - Collection of oversized waste and garden waste

Collection of oversized waste and garden waste

Are you unable to bring your oversized waste or large garden waste to a garbage and recycling station yourself? Make an appointment to have your oversized waste or garden waste collected for free. Only residents of The Hague are allowed to make an appointment.

You may also dispose of your oversized waste for free at a garbage and recycling station.

What is oversized waste?

Oversized waste is:

  • Household waste which does not fit in a garbage bag, mini container or underground rubbish container. Or waste which is too heavy. Examples include sofas, cupboards, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.
  • Large garden waste which does not fit in the GFT container. For example, tree trimmings and branches.

Construction and demolition waste is not oversized waste. Read more about the collection or disposal of construction and demolition waste.

You may not dispose of carton or carton boxes/packaging with your oversized waste. You can place carton in the paper container, bring it to a garbage and recycling station or put it out on the paper collection dates for your neighbourhood. You can find these collection dates in the household waste calendar.

Bring good items to the thrift shop

Some items are still usable and are a pity to throw away. Bring these things to a second-hand store or thrift shop (kringloopwinkel). For example, working televisions, clothing or furniture. You can find a list of second-hand stores on the website


Conditions for the free collection of oversized waste or large garden waste:

  • You are a private individual (not a company).
  • You are not able to take the rubbish to a garbage and recycling station yourself.
  • You do not place the oversized waste next to the (underground) rubbish containers but on the sidewalk in front of your home, as close as possible to the street.
  • Your rubbish does not contain building materials or demolition waste. Read more about the collection or disposal of construction and demolition waste.

    Rules for collection of oversized waste

    • Place your oversized waste waste kerbside by 7.45 hrs. at the latest on collection day. You may also put it out the evening before the collection day after 22.00 hrs. Try to limit any inconvenience for your neighbours.
    • Place your oversized waste on the sidewalk in front of your home and as close to the street as possible.
    • Never place your waste next to (underground) rubbish containers.

    You are responsible for the oversized waste which you put out for collection until it has been picked up. Did you put out your oversized waste improperly? It will cost you a minimum of € 166 to have the rubbish removed and the spot cleaned.

    Is your street inaccessible because of roadworks? Put the waste out at a spot where the garbage truck can get it. Clearly indicate the spot when you make an appointment.

    Tips for putting out oversized waste

    • Tie loose boards and carpeting together in bundles of no more than 1.5 metres long. This makes it easier to pick up.
    • Put iron and metal out separately. This will be collected separately. Indicate that you are getting rid of iron or metal when you make your appointment.
    • Make sure that there are no nails or other sharp objects sticking out. Remove nails or hammer them down. Otherwise garbage collectors can injure themselves.
    • Tape over television screens and glass in doors to prevent glass splinters.
    • Are you getting rid of a bicycle, moped or baby buggy? Hang a sign with ‘ophalen grofvuil’ to indicate that they are oversized waste.

      Rules for the collection of garden waste

      • Trees, bushes and branches should be shortened to a maximum length of 120 centimetres.
      • Tree trunks and branches have a maximum diameter of 20 centimetres.
      • Branches and bushes must be tied together with string.

        This will not be collected

        Take the waste below to a garbage and recycling station yourself. Have you put this sort of waste out for collection? Then you could get a fine.

        • Building materials and demolition waste (for example, rubble, gravel and old sanitary equipment)
        • asbestos
        • earth
        • sand
        • batteries
        • chemical waste
        • garden timber edging
        • fire extinguishers
        • pressurised containers
        • roofing
        • gas canisters
        • fuel tanks
        • plaster
        • turf
        • window/door frames
        • tar

        Make or cancel an appointment

        Before you make an appointment for the collection of oversized waste and garden waste, read the conditions and rules for collection.

        There are 3 categories of oversized waste in the appointment form:

        • Flammable: such as a sofa, chairs, cupboards, wooden shelves, a mattress or Christmas tree.
        • Metals: such as a washing machine, television or drying rack.
        • Trimmings/branches: large-sized garden waste. This can be collected only during the 'Takkenroute' in the spring and autumn. Outside of these periods you can have your garden trimmings or other garden waste collected as flammable waste.

          Make an appointment

          Cancel the appointment

          Would you like to cancel an appointment? You can cancel the appointment up to 1 day in advance before 10.00 hrs. Please phone tel. 14070. It is not possible to cancel on the day of the appointment itself because the trucks are then already en route.

            Waste not collected?

            Did you make an appointment and was the oversized waste or garden waste not collected by 17.00 hrs.? Or have you spotted (illegally dumped) oversized waste or large garden waste in the public space? Report this to the municipality. Use the form Report a problem. The municipality will address the problem within 3 working days.

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