Afvalpas for garbage and recycling stations

You need to have an Afvalpas if you want to dispose of oversized waste or garden waste at a garbage and recycling station. You cannot enter without an Afvalpas.

    How does it work?

    The new Afvalpas is a plastic card with a built-in chip with an invisible code. Hold the Afvalpas under the card scanner at the entrance to the garbage and recycling station. The barrier will raise and you will be allowed to drive inside. You will not be able to enter the station without an Afvalpas.

    Afvalpas for 20 visits

    The Afvalpas has a credit of 20 visits to a garbage and recycling station. Each year your card will automatically get a new credit of 20 visits. Do you have credit from the previous year? It will not be carried over to the new year.

    Have you used up your 20 visits and would you still like to go to a garbage and recycling station? You can top up your credit. Call tel. 14070 (available Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs.). Have your Afvalpas within reach when you call.

    Conditions for the Afvalpas

    • You are entitled to an Afvalpas if you pay the waste tax in The Hague.
    • Only 1 Afvalpas will be issued per address. If you reside at 1 address with other people, you will need to share the Afvalpas.
    • Do you live in a nursing home or old age home? You will not receive an Afvalpas. If you have oversized household waste or other waste, it is best to speak to the manager of your home.

    Afvalpas and moving

    Are you going to move? Leave the Afvalpas for the new occupants. The card is assigned to the house address.

    Are you moving to The Hague or are you moving within The Hague? There should be an Afvalpas in your new home. The former occupants should have left it behind for you. If there is no Afvalpas in your new home, you can apply for a new one.

    Apply for an Afvalpas

    If you did not get an Afvalpas or if you have lost it or it no longer working, you can apply for an Afvalpas for free.

    Apply for an Afvalpas

    Have you applied for an Afvalpas? And have you still not received it after 10 working days? Apply again for the Afvalpas.



    More information

    More information can be found under Waste and recycling.