Tax payment scheme

Are you unable to pay the municipal taxes within the stipulated time indicated on the assessment notice? And is paying in instalments by direct debit not an option for you? A payment scheme with the Municipal Tax Department might be the answer. You can also arrange for a payment scheme if you have received a warning of non-payment or liability order.

How does it work?

You need to apply to the Municipal Tax Department online or in writing.

In applying for a payment scheme with the Municipal Tax Department, you can choose between:

  • a payment scheme. This means that you agree to pay off your tax debt over a number of monthly instalments.
  • a payment extension scheme. You agree that you will pay the tax bill at a later date. For example, in a few weeks or a month.

In both cases you are responsible for transferring the money owed to the Municipal Tax Department.

You will have to pay interest on the sum owed under both of these payment schemes.

This is not the case when you pay your taxes in instalments.

Needed in your application

The municipality needs the following information in your application:

  • name, address and place of residence for the person who has to pay the tax bill
  • telephone number
  • payment reference number(s) for the assessment notice(s) for which you would like to make a payment scheme
  • the desired number of instalments or the date on. which you would like to pay off the amount in one payment

    Apply for a payment scheme

    • You can apply for a payment scheme or a one-time extension of payment online.
      You can do this with or without DigiD.

      Apply for a payment scheme or one-time extension

      How long does it take?

      You will be notified about the decision on the payment scheme within 2 weeks. It is possible that more details about your situation are needed in order to assess your request. In that case the Municipal Tax Department will contact you within 2 weeks.