Pay taxes with acceptgiro

The Municipal Tax Department no longer encloses an acceptgiro payment transfer slip in the tax assessment. You can, however, get other kinds of acceptgiro forms from the Municipal Tax Department.

Read more about these pre-printed acceptgiro forms.

Follow-up acceptgiro

If after you have paid there is still an outstanding amount to be paid on the tax assessment, you will receive a follow-up acceptgiro from the Municipal Tax Department. You can use it to pay the outstanding amount. The follow-up acceptgiro states:

  • the amount the Municipal Tax Department has received from you and how it was debited
  • the amount being charged for interest
  • the amount that still needs to be paid

Ruling acceptgiro

Have you submitted an objection or requested a tax waiver? Within 2 weeks after the decision on your objection or request for a tax waiver you will receive a ruling acceptgiro if you still have to pay money. If you do not receive an acceptgiro, it does not mean that you do not have to pay. You will then have to pay the taxes in another way. Read how you can do this under paying municipal taxes.

Published: 10 February 2017Modified: 12 November 2020