Tax lien

The Municipality of The Hague can use a tax lien (legal claim) to directly seize unpaid taxes from someone’s bank account.

When is a tax lien used?

If you still do not pay your back taxes after receiving a liability order, The Hague’s Municipal Tax Department has the authority to use a tax lien.

How does it work?

The Municipal Tax Department orders the bank to automatically deduct your outstanding back taxes from your bank account. The bank is obliged to cooperate. This can take place without your permission. If you are allowed to have an overdraft limit, then this amount will also be used to pay your back taxes.

How much can be deducted?

The maximum amount that can be deducted at 1 time is € 500.

Extra fees

No extra fees will be charged for the use of a tax lien.


Do you have questions about a tax lien? Contact the Collections division (Invordering) at tel. (070) 353 38 20.