Municipal tax bill

  • Explanation of municipal tax bill

    Which information can you find on your municipal tax bill?

  • Property tax

    The Municipal Tax Department levies property tax (OZB) on all real estate in The Hague. This includes residential property and business premises.

  • Waste tax

    Every household in The Hague pays the waste tax. This tax covers the collection and processing of household waste.

  • Sewage charges for owners

    All owners of a property (such as a home or business premises) with a connection to the municipal sewage system must pay the sewage charges for owners.

  • Property value and appraisal report

    The municipality determines the value of residential property, business premises and undeveloped land each year: the property value. The appraisal report shows how the value of a property was calculated.

Ground lease

  • Paying ground lease

    The ground rent is the payment you make for the use of the land on which your home or business premises stands.

  • Ground lease

    Ground lease in The Hague, reissue, payment, from ground lease to own land.