Dog tax

Do you have a dog? Then you must pay dog tax. The tax is higher if you have more dogs. It makes no difference if the dog is big or small. You also pay tax even if your dog never goes outside.

Register your dog

If you get a dog, you have to register it within 6 weeks. You can still register the dog after 6 weeks, but you will then get a fine.

  • Register for the dog tax online. You can register more than 1 dog at the same time. Would you like to register more than 1 dog, but starting on different dates? Register each dog separately.

Register for the dog tax

  • You can also register for the dog tax in writing with the director of municipal taxes. Make sure to include: your name, address, date of birth and the date you got your dog(s).
  • You can also visit the municipal counter in the Leyweg City Office.

Who pays the bill?

The dog's keeper has to pay. If there are more people living together in one household, 1 person will be designated as the dog's 'keeper'. This person must ensure that the dog tax is paid.


The municipality will check to see whether you have a dog. Inspectors carry out door-to-door checks to see if there are unregistered dogs living there. If this is the case, you will still have to register for the dog tax.


Dog Amount per year (2020)
1 dog € 124.08
2 dogs € 318.48
3 dogs € 564.96

Do you have more than 3 dogs? Then you pay € 246.48 in 2020 for each additional dog.

Kennel rate: If you are registered with the Board of Directors in the field of dog breeding, then you pay a special kennel rate of € 368.40 in 2020.


      The dog tax must be paid in full in 1 instalment within the 2-month payment deadline. You can choose to pay by direct debit with payments spread out over the year. Read paying municipal taxes for more information about the payment options.

      Payment scheme

      Are you unable to pay the dog tax within the stipulated period? Then you can request a payment scheme. You are not eligible for a payment scheme if you own your own company or if you are self-employed.

      Tax waiver

      Are you unable to pay the dog ta? Then you may be eligible for a tax waiver. This only applies to the tax amount for the 1st dog.

      Exemption and contesting

      Do you no longer have a dog? Or are you moving to another municipality? Ask for a reimbursement of the dog tax which you have overpaid. This is called ontheffing (tax exemption). If you do not agree with the assessment for the dog tax, you can contest the assessment. If you think you have wrongly been given a fine, then you can contest the fine. Read more under exemption and contesting the dog tax.


      Do you have a guide (seeing-eye) or service dog? Then you can apply for a dog tax exemption. In this case you need to register your dog in writing. Did you still get a tax bill? Then you can contest it. Read more under exemption and contesting the dog tax.


        Contact the Municipal Tax Department