Refund and contesting dog tax

Did you wrongly receive a bill for the dog tax or a fine? Then you can request a refund or contest the dog tax.

Apply for a refund

Do you no longer have a dog? Or are you moving to another municipality? Ask for a reimbursement of the dog tax which you have overpaid. This is called ontheffing (tax refund). It is important to notify the municipality of any changes within 6 weeks. You will need your assessment notice to apply.

As proof for a refund in your application, you can send a declaration from the veterinarian or crematorium that the dog has died. This is usually the reason why dog owners request a refund. In other cases, you can enclose other proof. It is not mandatory to send proof.

You can apply for a refund by sending a letter to the director of municipal taxes.

Apply for a refund

Make an objection

Do you disagree with the assessment? Do you think you were wrongly given a fine? Then you can make an objection. It is not possible to contest the dog tax or request a refund by telephone.

In writing

You do not have DigiD? Then you can also file an objection in writing. Sign the letter of objection and send it within 6 weeks of the date on the assessment notice to the Municipal Tax Department. The letter should include the following information:

  • your name and address
  • the date
  • the reference number of the assessment
  • the tax year
  • which tax you are contesting
  • the reason for your objection
  • your signature

Do not forget to send an authorisation (machtiging) if you are filing an objection on behalf of someone else.

    Contest the dog tax

    Suspension of payment

    If you file an objection, you will get a suspension of payment. The suspension is only for (the part of) the assessment you are contesting. You still have to pay the part of the assessment you are not contesting. Otherwise you could get a warning.