Refund and contesting dog tax

Did you wrongly receive a bill for the dog tax or a fine? Then you can request a refund or contest the dog tax.

Apply for a refund

Do you no longer have a dog? Or have you moved to another municipality? Ask for a reimbursement of the dog tax which you have overpaid. This is called ontheffing (tax refund). It is important to notify the municipality of any changes within 6 weeks. You will need your assessment notice to submit the application.

As proof for an application for a refund, you can enclose a declaration from the veterinarian or crematorium which states that the dog has died. This is usually the reason why dog owners request a refund. In other cases, you can enclose other proof. It is not mandatory to send proof.

You can also send a letter to the director of municipal taxes to apply for a refund

Apply for a refund

Contest the assessment

Do you disagree with the assessment? Do you think you were wrongly given a fine? Then you can contest the assessment or fine.

  • You must submit your appeal within 6 weeks after the date on the assessment notice.
  • You cannot contest the dog tax or apply for a refund over the telephone.

Contest the dog tax