Apply for a subsidy for roof, floor and external wall insulation 2022

Are you going to insulate your external wall, roof or floor on the ground floor of your home? Apply for a subsidy from the municipality.

Belangrijke informatie: Because of the large number of applications for this subsidy and a new computer system, it can take a longer time before you receive a response.

You can apply for a subsidy until 31 March 2023. A total budget of € 1.500.00,00 is still available for this subsidy. Once the subsidy amount has been used up, the measures will stop. You will no longer be able to submit an application. This page will be updated accordingly.

Who is it for?

  • private homeowners and private landlords
  • homeowners associations (VvEs) (in Dutch)
  • organisations with the status of Public Benefit Organisations (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI)


      • You can apply for the subsidy once the work has been done.
      • The subsidy is for homes built before 1992. The subsidy does not apply for the insulation of extensions constructed after 1992. Homes built as of 1992 are usually well insulated.
      • The work must be carried out according to the information and instructions on the page How to insulate your roof or floor (in Dutch). Do you think that the work should be done differently? Then first contact the municipality. You can send your quotation with an explanation to this email address: The municipality will then check if you have the right to a subsidy.
      • Per property you can apply for a subsidy multiple times for different insulation work on the roof, floor and/or external wall of your home.
      • Is your home designated as a monument? Then you need to apply for a permit for work on the roof. This does not apply to work on the floor.

      Amount of subsidy

      Size of subsidy
      Work Subsidy per square metre (m2)
      *Placing roof and/or floor insulation € 12.50 per m2
      *Placing crawl space insulation € 10 per m2
      *Placing interior or exterior wall insulation € 20 per m2
      *Placing cavity wall insulation € 5 per m2

      *Up to a maximum of 50% of the actual costs.

      Needed for the application

      • A copy of the most recent bank statement showing that the bank account is in the applicant’s name.

      Once the work has been completed by a builder

      • A copy of the final invoice from the builder with an overview of:

        • the materials used
        • the number of man hours it took to place the insulation. This must be approved by the subsidy applicant. The invoice may not be more than 4 months old when you submit the application.
      • A declaration (document) signed by the builder that the insulation was placed according to the instructions (in Dutch) along with the number of square metres.
      Download builder's declaration (PDF, 91,4 kB)

        If you managed or did the work yourself

        • Copies of receipts for the materials purchased and other costs which were required. The receipts may not be more than 4 months old when you submit the application.


            Apply for subsidy for roof, floor and external wall insulation 2022

              How long does it take?

              The municipality will notify you within 12 weeks after you submitted your application.

              Because of the large number of applications for this subsidy (and for the subsidy in 2020), it can take longer before you receive a response.

              Good to know

              In addition to the subsidy for roof, external wall and/or floor insulation, you can also apply for the subsidy for green roofs. The combination of roof insulation with a green roof on top makes for a well-insulated home.


              Do you have any questions about the status of your application? Send an email to

              Also see