Apply for a subsidy for ‘green roofs’ 2022

Are you going to construct a roof which will be covered with plants? Apply for a subsidy from the municipality.

Belangrijke informatie: Due to the large number of applications for this subsidy and a new computer system, it can take longer before you receive a response.

You can apply for a subsidy until 31 March 2023. A total budget of € 300,000 is available for this subsidy. Once the subsidy amount has been used up, the measures will stop and you will no longer be able to submit an application. This page will be updated accordingly.

Who is it for?

This subsidy is for owners of a home or property (such as as business, school, neighbourhood centre or housing corporation) and for homeowners associations (VvEs) (in Dutch).

How it works

  • First check if your roof is suitable for a ‘green roof’. You can discuss this with a certified (roofing) company. Is your roof suitable? Then you can have your green roof constructed. You can apply for a subsidy once the work has been completed.
  • For the construction of a ‘green roof’ you can get € 25 per square metre of green roof up to a maximum of 50% of the construction costs. You will get in total no more than € 20,000 per application.


  • The green roof should be constructed in accordance with the building rules. You need a permit if:

    • a structural adaptation is needed for the green roof
    • the building is listed as a monument or has protected status and the green roof is visible from the street. Check at the city district office whether you need a building permit and whether the building has protected status.
  • The roof surface you will be planting is at least 6 square metres (m2).
  • The green roof must have a minimum storage capacity of 18 litres of water per m2.
  • The roof slope is not more than 35° (degrees). There are special roofing kits on the market for slanted roofs to prevent the plants from sliding off. You are advised to consult a certified company in order to select the right green roofing kit.
  • The green roof must have at least 1 layer on top of the existing roofing to form a physical barrier in order to prevent root penetration (root barrier membrane).

    Needed for the application

    Send the following documents with your application:

    • a final invoice (bill) until 31 March 2023 from the supplier or builder who constructed the green roof, or receipts until 31 March 2023 if you constructed your green roof yourself. (The final invoice and receipts may not be more than 4 months old.) The invoice must show that:

      • 1 root barrier membrane was constructed on top of the existing roofing layer
      • the water storage capacity of the green roof is at least 18 litres per m2
    • a photo of the roof without vegetation and a photo of the green roof
    • a declaration signed by the builder that the roof satisfies the conditions
    • a copy of the most recent bank statement showing that the bank account is in the applicant’s name

    Are you applying for a subsidy with your neighbours?

    Would you like to team up with your neighbours to make the roofs of your sheds green? Submit a written consent form for all the participating homeowners (with their signature and address).


      You can apply for the subsidy once you have received the final invoice from the builder, or once you have completed the work yourself.

      Apply for subsidy for green roofs 2022


      Do you have any questions about the status of your application? Send an email to

      How long does it take?

      The municipality will notify you within 12 weeks after you submitted your application.

      Good to know

      When to construct the roof

      You can construct a green roof almost all year round. You can consult with your supplier to determine the best time for you.

      Frequently asked questions

      Look at the most frequently asked questions and advantages of a green roof on the website of Duurzame stad Den Haag (in Dutch).

      Combine with subsidy for roof, floor and/or external wall insulation

      In addition to the subsidy for a green roof you can also apply for the subsidy for roof, floor and/or external wall insulation. The combination of roof insulation with a green roof on top makes for a well-insulated home.

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