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Open Universiteit Nederland

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13 October 2011
30 January 2017

The Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, which welcomed its first students in 1984, is an independent government-funded institute for distance learning at university level.

The Dutch government's purpose in founding the Dutch Open Universiteit was to make higher education accessible to anyone with the necessary aptitudes and interests, regardless of formal qualifications.

Studying at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands (OU) allows professionals to sharpen their skills. In fact, many of its students already have degrees and take one or more courses to acquire additional know-how or to retrain for a different occupation.

Students enrolled at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands are following one of the university's courses or fully accredited Bachelor or Master degree programmes. About 60% of these students remain in paid employment throughout their studies, and nearly 35% have enrolled because it leaves them free to choose their own time and place of study and lets them progress at their own pace.

Who can study at Open Universiteit Nederland?

Most of the programmes aim strictly at people who have an adequate command of the Dutch language, because study materials are generally in Dutch. Although more and more courses are in English, most professional or academic titles are out of reach for those without a good command of the Dutch language. All examinations, whether standard or computerised, are administered in the Netherlands, generally at one of the study or support centres.

Dutch-speaking people living abroad

The Open Universiteit in the Netherlands is a perfect solution for Dutch and Flemish people living (often temporarily) abroad who want to continue their academic studies.

English-speaking people in the Netherlands

For English speaking people in the Netherlands who would like to start or continue an academic course or degree programme, the British Open University might be a better option. In the study centre in The Hague a local office of the British Open University offers services to their students.

Address & contact

Studiecentrum Den Haag
Lange Houtstraat 11
2511 CV The Hague

Telephone: (070) 361 4701

13 October 2011
30 January 2017