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Declaration of unmarried status

01 January 2017
19 December 2016

You can use a declaration of unmarried status to prove that you are not married. For example, if you wish to marry abroad.

A declaration of unmarried status is an excerpt from the Personal Records Database (BRP, previously GBA).

  • Apply for an excerpt online via MijnDenHaag.

Apply online

  • You can also apply for an excerpt at the Department of Public Service counter at 1 of the city district offices.
  • It is also possible to apply in writing: send your letter to the Department of Public Service.

Needed to apply for a declaration of unmarried status

  • online: your DigiD.
  • at a counter: a valid form of identification. Are you applying for a declaration on behalf of someone else? Bring (a copy of) a valid form of identification for that person. You will also need a written authorisation.  
  • in writing: a copy of your valid form of identification and a signed letter stating why you need the declaration.


  • You are registered at an address in The Hague.
  • If you live abroad, you can only visit the RNI counter for a declaration of unmarried status.
  • Did you live abroad for some time? The municipality will not be able to prove that you were unwed during this period. You must be able to prove this yourself. Do you have questions about this? Then please contact the agency which is requesting the declaration of unmarried status.
  • You can get an excerpt in several languages. This declaration is then drawn up in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Turkish. Is the language you need not available or will the agency not accept it? Then you need to have the excerpt translated yourself by a sworn translator.


  • € 13.85 (rate for 2017)
  • Postage will be charged for written applications. You will be billed for this.

You can only pay by bank card at the district offices; however, you can also pay cash, as well as by bank card, at the Centrum district office (City Hall).

How long does it take?

  • online: 2 working days
  • at the counter: immediately
  • in writing: 1 week. The municipality will respond to your application in writing.

Also see

Declaration of no impediment: Would you like to get married in another country? Then you will sometimes need a declaration of no impediment. This document states that you are not currently married and that you and your partner are permitted to get married under Dutch law.

01 January 2017
19 December 2016