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28 June 2017
28 June 2017

Do you need to get rid of oversized waste or garden waste? The Hague has different garbage and recycling stations (afvalbrengstations) where you can dispose of your rubbish for free. Garden waste can be taken to the Plutostraat. The stations are a great way to separate your waste to the greatest possible extent. And that's good for the environment!

Oversized waste is household waste which does not fit in a garbage bag, mini container or underground rubbish container. Or it is too heavy.

The Municipality of The Hague has 3 garbage and recycling stations (search 'afvalbrengstations' on Den Haag op kaart):

  • Plutostraat 1, 2516 AL Den Haag (Binckhorst, in Laak district).
  • De Werf 11P, 2544 EH Den Haag (Zichtenburg, in Loosduinen district)
  • Uitenhagestraat 4, 2571 VV (by the Loosduinsekade, in Centrum district).

Opening hours

The garbage and recycling stations on the Plutostraat, De Werf and the Uitenhagestraat are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 until 17.00 hrs.


The following rules apply for disposing of your oversized waste and garden waste:

  • Always take your Afvalpas with you.
  • Companies may not use the garbage and recycling stations. If you have a company, you can contract an authorised waste management company to collect your rubbish.

Extra conditions for garden waste

  • trees, bushes and branches shortened to a maximum of 1.20 metres long
  • tree trunks and branches have a diameter of maximum 20 centimetres
  • loose branches and bushes must be tied together with string.

Which waste can be brought?

Which waste can be brought?
At all stations: Only at Plutostraat station:
paper more than 1 cubic metre of organic waste (GFT)
plastic garden timber edging and tree stumps (for a fee)
domestic chemical waste (KCA) asbestos can be disposed of for free if it is packed in a double disposal bag*
wood earth, soil and sand (for a fee)
iron and other metals horse manure
wood wired glass (for a fee)
(oversized) household waste gas canisters, fire extinguishers and other pressurised containers
car tires (maximum of 4) organic waste (GFT)
electric and electronic appliances
(frying) oil and oil in sealed packaging
rubble (for a fee)
At Plutostraat and De Werf stations:
Glass; glass plates/mirrors

*You can purchase disposal bag for asbestos at all the garbage and recycling stations. The fee for asbestos foil (4 metres wide) is € 1 per metre. Asbestos bags (inside and outside bag) cost € 1.15 per set. More information about removing asbestos can be found on You will often need a permit to remove asbestos yourself. More information (in Dutch) under Asbest verwijderen.

Not accepted at garbage and recycling stations

The following types of rubbish are not accepted at the garbage and recycling stations:

  • Roofing material: this is dangerous waste. Contact an authorised waste management company for this.

Fees for rubbish disposal

You can dispose of (oversized) household rubbish and garden waste at a garbage and recycling station for free. You will need to pay for construction and demolition waste. You can pay with cash as well as a bank card at the garbage and recycling stations.

Fees for construction and demolition waste

  • rubble: € 6.55 per 100 kg
  • gravel: € 6.55 per 100 kg
  • garden timber edging: € 6.55 per 100 kg
  • armoured and wired glass: € 6.55 per 100 kg
  • rubble: € 1.65 per 25-litre bag
  • gravel: € 1.65 per 25-litre bag
  • armoured and wired glass: € 1.65 per 25-litre bag
  • earth, sand and soil: € 1.65 per 25-litre bag
  • Puinkub rubble sack* per piece: € 125

*The Puinkub rubble sack can be purchased only at the Plutostraat station. The Puinkub is a large sack (1 cubic metre) which you fill with rubble at home. The municipality collects the sack afterwards from the kerbside. You make an appointment for collection when you purchase the Puinkub. It is not possible to buy the Puinkub on Saturday.

Tip: Recycled goods companies

Oversized waste often contains good used items (like televisions, clothing or furniture). It is a shame to throw these things away! You can bring these items to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel) or try to sell them on internet. A recycled goods shop collects used items and resells them. Many of these shops will pick up items from your home.

You can now find a Kringloop Den Haag container at the garbage and recycling station on the Plutostraat for goods which can still be used. A staff member will take a look at the goods. Kringloop Den Haag will then sell these things in their stores.

See the websites of Kringloop Den Haag or Kringloop Holland.

You can also arrange to have your oversized household waste or garden waste  collected from your home.

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28 June 2017
28 June 2017