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17 January 2017
17 January 2017

A house number is needed for mail delivery and accessibility for emergency services. If you do not have a personal house number, you can request one from the municipality.

Under the Records Database Addresses and Building law (Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen, BAG), the municipality must ascribe a house number to every ‘accommodation’. All buildings and addresses in the Netherlands are registered in the BAG. Are you renting an apartment, studio or holiday home (accommodation)? And do you not have a house number? Then you ask the municipality to ascribe you a personal house number. A personal house number can also be an affix, like a, b, c.

Apply for a house number

Would you like to request a house number? Then you should first contact the owner of the house. He can give you the following information which you will need to apply for a house number. You can also ask the owner to apply for a house number.

Fill in the application form and send it by post together with the required documents to:  

Gemeente Den Haag
Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling
Afdeling Geo-informatie & Erfpachtbedrijf
Postbus 12655
2500 DP Den Haag

Required for the application

The municipality needs the following information:

  • a sketch of the accommodation 
  • a floor plan and layout of the residence in the old and new situation
  • a copy of the purchase deed or rental agreement (if applicable) 
  • information about when the current situation arose, for example date of construction/conversion to rooms/apartment (if applicable)
  • information on whether a permit has been requested or granted for a specific situation.

Sketches do not need to be completely to scale. They should, however, provide a clear reflection of the actual situation.


The residence (accommodation) must have the following in any case:

  • private access from the public road, a yard or a shared access such as a doorway, floor level or staircase
  • a private entrance which you can lock from the inside and outside
  • a private living room/bedroom
  • a private kitchen with sink, water supply and drainage and a connection for a cooker
  • a private toilet and bathroom with a shower or bathtub.

Are you are renting a room and sharing the bathroom and kitchen with other people? Then it is not possible to apply for your own house number.

Have you applied for an all-in-one building permit (omgevingsvergunning)? Then you do not have to request a separate house number. A house number will be ascribed automatically if an all-in-one building permit is granted.

Temporary and definitive number

Have you received a temporary house number? Then use your temporary house number on the form Report your move within The Hague.

How long does it take?

Your house number will only become definite once the application has been investigated. This takes a maximum of 6 months. During the investigation, the municipality will check if the living space meets the requirements of ‘independent’ accommodation. The municipality will also check whether the living space meets the building code and whether the owner of the property has an all-in-one building permit.

What happens then?

If you meet the above requirements:

  • you will be given a definite house number. 
  • the municipality will inform all official agencies, such as the tax authority. You must inform all other organisations of your new house number yourself. 
  • the owner of the building must supply a new house number plate. The owner must pay the costs for this plate.

If it appears that the house number was issued in error, you must repay any extra allowances you may have received. If you applied for a parking permit, it will be revoked.

Following the status of your house number

You can trace the registration of your house number via BAG Web on the website of the Cadastral Agency. Choose ‘nummeraanduiding’ as the object type and at the bottom-right enter the information in the required fields under 'via Adres en Huisnummer'. Please note: fill in ’s-Gravenhage in the field 'woonplaats' and the street name in the field 'openbare ruimte'. 

Specific questions about house numbers

Do you suspect that an error has been made in the allocation of your house number(s)? Or would you like to know if your property officially has 1 or 2 house numbers? Ask the municipality using the Question about house number form. You will receive an answer to your question within 10 working days.

Question about house number

17 January 2017
17 January 2017