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Alternative address

06 December 2016
06 December 2016

Everyone residing in the Netherlands has to be registered as tenant/resident at the address where he/she spends (most of) their nights. The municipality will register you at the address where you are living. If you do not have a home address, you can specify an alternative address (i.e. briefadres). An alternative address is the address of a family member, friend or acquaintance who has agreed to collect your mail.

This person must also make sure that you actually receive your mail. During the application for an alternative address, the municipality will check whether you really do not have a home address. It is not possible to provide an alternative address online.

  • Make an appointment online to report a change to your alternative address.
  • This appointment takes place at a Department of Public Service counter at the city district offices.

Make an appointment

You will need to bring the following:

  • the application form for an alternative address (Aanvraagformulier briefadres), which you have completed and signed 
  • the authorisation form (Toestemmingsverklaring briefadres), which is completed and signed by the person allowing you to use his address. The main occupant hereby declares that you can be contacted via him. 
  • a valid form of identification for you
  • a copy of a valid form of identification for the main occupant

You submit your application at the counter. The staff member at the counter will check whether the forms have been completed correctly and will send the application to a colleague who will check whether you are eligible for an alternative address.


  • You can only be registered at 1 alternative address in the Netherlands, and the address you specify must be a residential address. The address may not belong to a company or be a post office box number.

Information for main occupant

Are you in doubt as a main occupant as to whether you should give your permission to use your address as an alternative address? For example, because you do not know what the consequences are for your welfare benefits, rent benefit or taxes? Then you should seek advice from the relevant authorities before you grant permission.

Not registered in the Municipality of The Hague?

  • Would you like to register while you are abroad? Then you should first read the information under Settling in The Hague from abroad
  • Do want to move from abroad and have you been registered in the Netherlands before? Or are you living in the Netherlands but you have been deregistered from the BRP and you would like to register again? Then you should read Resettling in The Hague from abroad.
  • Are you going to be moving within or to The Hague? Then you should read Report your move.



How long does it take?

  • 3 working days when moving within The Hague.
  • 5 days when moving to The Hague from another municipality.
06 December 2016
06 December 2016