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Hague Service Code

10 December 2015
10 December 2015

There are all kinds of ways to contact the Municipality of The Hague: through the website, by telephone or at one of the city district offices. What can you expect from us and what do we expect from you? It’s all described in the Hague Service Code.

The Municipality of The Hague places importance on 5 main principles in its contact with residents and businesses,

  1. You take centre stage.
  2. You have a right to an accessible municipality and user-friendly service.
  3. You get personal attention if this is needed.
  4. You always have access to your personal details.
  5. You can correct your details quickly and easily.


  • We will treat you in a professional, friendly and respectful manner.
  • We will inform you about what you can expect from us.
  • We are continuously looking for flaws in our service and will try to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • We regularly ask you what you think of our service. We will publish the results on our website.

Response time

  • We will give an answer to your letter within 2 weeks. In the case of complex issues, or if other legally prescribed deadlines are applicable, we will indicate in time that we need more time.
  • We will send a confirmation of receipt immediately when you use the contact form on You will then receive an answer within 2 days. If we need more time for the answer, you will hear this on time.

Personal details

  • We respect your privacy and are comply with legal norms.
  • If your details are incorrect, you can request that they are corrected. After receiving the documents, we will give you the decision on your request within 4 weeks.
  • Via MijnDenHaag we give you the opportunity to look at your details and suggest a correction.


  • We have adapted and as much as possible to the needs of hearing, visually and physically impaired visitors.
  • We ensure that and is suitable for use with all commonly used devices and major browsers.
  • We will make technical changes to the website and our apps as much as possible outside of office hours.
  • The municipality will respond to message on our Twitter and Facebook accounts within 2 hours during working hours. We will respond within 1 working day if certain matters need to be explored further.


  • A talk in a separate room is possible if you need privacy.
  • If you have made an appointment, you will not have to wait longer than 5 minutes.


  • We will answer the telephone within an average of 45 seconds.
  • We will forward your call a maximum of only 2 times if you have a complicated question.
  • We will call you back within 2 working days if we cannot answer your question immediately.

We expect you to treat us the same way you would like to be treated: in a friendly and respectful way.

You can download the Hague Service Code as a PDF:

10 December 2015
10 December 2015