Report unsafe traffic situations

Have you seen an unsafe traffic spot? Such as a confusing intersection or a dangerous crossing in The Hague? Report this to the municipality.

You can report an unsafe traffic spot or situation. For example, for pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.

Traffic experts will assess the reported location or situation. If it is necessary, the municipality will make the spot or situation safer.

You can make a report for example if:

  • you think a traffic situation is confusing
  • a priority rule is unclear
  • containers, trees or bushes are obstructing the view
  • a road or cycle path is too bumpy
  • vehicles are driving too fast in your street

The municipality needs the following information from you:

  • the street names of the unsafe spot
  • a description of what is dangerous
  • if you are reporting an unsafe spot or situation for cyclists: include a statement that the report is about an unsafe situation for bicycles

Report a dangerous traffic situation using the button below.


You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your report within 3 working days. The confirmation will tell you which municipal department will deal with the problem you reported.


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