Report rat nuisance

Are you having problems with rats in your area? Report this to the municipality.

Even if you have seen only 1 rat it is important to report this. This single rat does not necessarily mean there is a problem. But it can be a signal that a big group of rats is in the neighbourhood. Or that there is a problem with litter. This is why is always worthwhile to report this.  


You can report problems caused by rats to the municipality if you have spotted 1 or more rats in the outdoor space:

  • for example on the street or in the park
  • in the garden/courtyard of your housing corporation
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    Have you seen a rat in your house? If you are renting your home from a housing corporation, then you can report it to the corporation. If you have your own home, contact a pest controller. You can find a list of companies at

        Report rat nuisance

        Report a problem in the public space

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